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Discover. Identify. Benchmark. Monitor.

Current Agreements is an industry leader in providing access to comprehensive deal metrics and actual contract documents covering partnering deals, alliances since 2000.

Current Agreements is a premium subscription database providing comprehensive business information and intelligence with access to thousands of contract documents, giving coverage of all deals and alliances across the life sciences sector.

Why choose Current Agreements?

Current Agreements allows you to:

  • Discover actual contract terms between alliance partners
  • Benchmark partnering payment deal terms
  • Identify companies partnering in your interest area
  • Track competitor deal making activity
  • Access detailed financial data
  • Monitor deal trends in your areas of interest
  • Review thousands of alliance contract documents

Saving you time and money whilst negotiating smarter deals.

Who is Current Agreements for?

Current Agreements is an invaluable resource for business executives in the healthcare sector including:

  • Senior executive management
  • Business development and licensing
  • Technology transfer managers
  • Outsourced service providers
  • Legal, financial, investment, patent and consultancy

Our database is comprised of thousands of individual deal alliance records providing a detailed description and categorization of each deal component. Every deal record is supported by extensive source material such as press releases, SEC disclosures and contract documents, company presentations and other company sourced disclosures where available, ensuring the user can be confident the data presented can be verified if necessary.

Our extensive deal categorization process ensures every deal is fully integrated into the database alongside similar deals. Users can search with either simple keywords or advanced search and filter techniques.

Each deal record includes the following key information accessed via onscreen tabs:

  • Summary overview: Includes key data such as deal title, date, parties to the deal
  • Termsheet: Bulleted summary of key deal terms
  • Detailed categorization: The deal by categories – from industry sector, stage of development, therapy area, deal type through to geographic location
  • Deal financials: Detailed breakdown of payment terms
  • Press release: Full text as published by company(s)
  • Filing data: Text of filing as filed with regulatory body
  • Contract: Full text of contract document as filed with regulatory body

Each tab is completed to the fullest extent possible using publicly available sources.

For further details about the coverage of Current Agreements, view Coverage and Sources.