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Frequently asked questions

How does Current Agreements differ from other deals databases?

Current Agreements provides a number of distinct advantages over other deals databases.

In particular, full access to the actual contract documents entered into between alliance partners provides detailed insight into the structure and terms of the deal.

In addition, detailed access to the financial deal terms as disclosed by the parties such as upfronts, milestones and royalties are revealed together with descriptions of the circumstances under which such payments will be made.

Current Agreements provides full access to contract documents and detailed financial information for a subscription fee much lower than its competitors.

How do I obtain access to Current Agreements database?

Access to the Current Agreements database is via subscription. A subscription can be purchased in one of three ways:

  • Individual – for use by single person
  • Multi-user - for use by up to 5 users
  • Company - single site - unlimited users within one company location
  • Company - global – unlimited users within one company worldwide

Details of subscription options and to subscribe, go to the Subscribe page.

How do I add additional users to my subscription?

Additional users within the same company can be added to an existing subscription by paying a small incremental fee. The fee is calculated automatically based on the number of full or part months remaining on the existing subscription.

Upon receipt of the additional users request and payment, you will be advised of how to invite additional users to the existing subscription.

Additional users can be added up to the number of additional user subscriptions purchased.

How do I change users in my subscription?

The subscription management center allows the primary subscription user to revoke and redesignate subscription users when required. If you have more users than the subscription allows, you can purchase additional user access for a small incremental fee.

What is the pricing for database access?

The current pricing for Current Agreements database access can be found on the Subscription page.

Can a user be different from the subscriber?

Yes. Your subscription can be administered by an individual that is not a database user. The subscription administrator can allocate user access to another individual within the same company.

How do I renew my Current Agreements database subscription?

Three months prior to subscription expiry, we will contact you to advise of the renewal process and fees.

Renewal is a simple online procedure. Follow the instructions on the renewal note.

How often is the database updated?

Our analysts update the database continuously with the latest deals, alliances and contract documents as they become available.

What is the coverage of the database?

The database contains comprehensive coverage from 2000. For full details of coverage and features visit Features, Coverage, and Categories.

Who updates the database?

Unlike many deals and alliances databases, we use inhouse partnering experts to update each and every deal entry, ensuring relevant knowledge and expertise is used to accurately categorize each deal entry.

Why do I keep getting a logged out error message?

Each username/password is intended for use by one person only. When the database detects multiple users using the same username/password, the user is automatically logged out of the system. Logging in again will then logout the other person.

If you suspect someone else is using your username/password, please contact us and we will issue a new username/password.

If you require access to be available to an additional user, simply add an additional user for a small incremental fee.